Luxury Cabins


Although there are many advantages to staying in a cabin, sometimes you just want something different for your next vacation. But if you don’t want to stray too far from what you’ve done before and still want to experience life in the great outdoors, then why not try an alternative form of accommodation and go glamping?

If you haven’t heard of glamping before, then it’s a mashup of two words – glamorous camping. It provides all the enjoyment of outdoor living combined with the luxury facilities you’d expect in a high end hotel. And there’s not a soggy canvas tent in sight.

The best part of it all is that there are literally thousands of different locations and types of glamping you could potentially do. And as the glamping market has continued to grow in popularity in recent years you’re never going to be far from a site which offers this alternative accommodation. So here are a list of the possible places you could end up staying in for your next vacation:

Go Camping in Camping Pod

A camping pod is a beautifully arched wooden structure that are increasingly popular option for glampers in the UK. So much so, people have started to look for camping pods for sale to use in even in their own homes! Depending on the owners specifications these pods can be as basic or as luxurious as you like. Some are left completely empty inside for to be used by proper tent and sleeping bag type guests whilst others have been transformed into luxury rooms completely with flatscreen TV’s and double beds. If you fancy staying in one then it’s well worth having a look at Pitchup to see what is available near you.

Watch the Countryside From A Shepherds Huts

If a pod isn’t your thing, but you still want to experience the beautiful English countryside that inspired writers¬†such as¬†Hardy and Wordsworth then why not try a shepherds hut?

These houses on wheels have until the last century provided the perfect mobile accommodation for shepherds as they tended to their flocks of sheep which grazed over large distances. However, with the advantages in modern agriculture many of these were abandoned in the previous century.

But in the last few years they’ve enjoyed a fantastic revival and now provide the most gorgeous luxury accommodation, and offers the ideal couples retreat. Plus, they’re all set in areas of outstanding countryside where they would have done all those years ago. If you want to experience this type of rural living then the best place to have a look is Canopy and Stars website which offers a whole range of different glamping types across the UK.

Take To the Road In An Airstream Trailer

Although we know they’re not cabins we couldn’t not mention the airstream trailers if you want to have a vacation adventure to remember. Think of them as a cabin on wheels. If you wanted to experience them in their natural setting then you could head off on an open road adventure in America. Although there is a growing appreciation for them in the UK too.

They would make a fantastic way to travel across the different states of the US, although many others are fixed to the ground in various sites, so you can just enjoy them for what they are. As well as their beautiful exteriors the insides of each airstream offer incredibly cosy and comfortable accommodation for couples or families.

There are hundreds of places that have them available to rent out including these ones in the UK.

Explore the Wilderness From A Geodomes

If you really want to stay in a place that stands out from the crowd then how about staying in a geodome? These domes are normally set in the most fantastic location and normally offer the more incredible panoramic views from the open ‘window’ side of the dome.

Although they look like something from another planet from the outside, inside you’ll find all the facilities that you would expect from any other luxury rental. To get an idea for what to expect just have a look at these incredible geodomes located in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

As time goes by more and more places seem to starting to offer incredible places to spend the night in beyond your regular cabin. We’ve even seen a number of luxury treehouses to stay in – what could be better if you want to stay in a forest? If any of these possibilities have got you thinking about your next vacation then it’s best to check out the Glamping Hub: which offers over 7k different places to spend your next vacation in. Hopefully there will be a rental which suits!