Planning For A Cabin

Travel Advice For Cabin Vacations

Having spent so much effort looking for the perfect vacation destination for you and your family that finally manages to fit everybody’s requirements then comes along the next stage. Planning for the actual travelling and eventual arrival at your cabin.

So, to take a little of the stress out of this part then here’s some advice we could offer you:

Hitting the Road

Depending on what time of year you’re heading off on vacation the weather can have a huge impact on how your journey progresses. Even if the weather is at it’s best when you set off, it could be a very different story for where you’re travelling to. From summer storms to snow blocking the roads check to see that the route you’re planning to take is clear. Plus if for any reason if you’re delayed, or at worst are unable to reach your location you know how your insurance covers that sort of eventuality.

If you’re planning on¬†taking the car to your destination then it’s best to ensure that’s it’s been serviced in the not too distant past and that all the important checks such as engine oil and tyre pressures have already been taken care of. There is nothing worse than breaking down in an area you don’t know, especially if the route to your cabin is in a remote area. If the worst does happen make sure you have breakdown cover already sorted along with a fully charged phone for call outs.

As well the cabin’s location details it’s well worth double checking that you have the contact details written down correctly. It’s incredibly frustrating if you need to call the owner or rental agency and realize that you don’t have the correct number to hand.

When it comes to setting off on the journey it’s always super useful to have a spare set of printed directions. Firstly this means people can help navigate if you’re unsure where to go. But it always means that if you lose your phone or tablet, (or the battery runs low) you still know where you’re going!


The facilities that you may find in a cabin or rental are always going to differ depending on where you end up staying. So check beforehand for what you need to bring and what has been provided.

There are naturally going to be items which you’ll need from home that you’d expect to be included but sometimes aren’t. Some places for instance still don’t provide towels and bed linen. It’s often an annoying thing to have to bring with you as it takes up so much space, but without them you’d have to buy them new which can be expensive.

Most places provide the basics that you would expect in any sort of rental. Where as some places can provide a fantastic welcome hamper others a little more basic. If you do need to stop up on provisions make sure you know where the nearest store is. If you’re in an out of the way location then you may need to bring a full shop with you on your arrival. Alternatively some places offer delivery if you order online, which can save a lot of time and effort if it can be organised beforehand.

Potential Problems

If you spot anything that you’re not happy about when you arrive, then make sure you tell the relevant person as soon as you can. There is no point filing a complaint about something once the vacation is over, as the owners will assume that it wasn’t so much of an issue.

If you do run into any personal or family problems and say to find a mechanic for the car or a doctor, then make sure there the information for local contacts which is accessible. Most of the time owners provide these details in a welcome book for guests, but if there isn’t one make sure you ask to get a list of who to contact.


Depending on the arrangements made beforehand with the owners it’s good to arrive at the time you originally said. If you’re delayed then phone ahead to let the owners/agents know so that nobody is kept around waiting if they have to show you in.

Having a flashlight available in the car is always useful too. Especially if there is a distance between the vehicle and the cabin when there isn’t any lighting inbetween the two. If you do arrive late then it’s best to try and keep the levels of noise to as quiet as possible.¬†Waking up nearby neighbours isn’t going to make their vacation a happy one.