Teenage Travelling

Taking Teens to a Cabin Rental

If you’re going to be heading off for a vacation enjoying the remoteness that a rural cabin offers then it needs to satisfy everybody’s needs. Including teenagers.

As all teenagers go through that difficult transition from childhood to becoming an adult, it’s often hard to understand how they wanted to be treated. Often they’re too young for more ‘adult’ experiences whilst at the same time they don’t want to be sat on the children’s table at dinner time. At the end of the day it’s everyone’s vacation and they should be able to have the best possible time too.

Travel Plans

The first thing to do to ensure everyone has a good holiday is to get teens involved in the planning prices. Although their opinions should not dictate where and when you plan to travel to, it would be great at the very least to have their input. If nothing else it means they know where they will be spending their time. If you have the budget, it’s also worth booking a cabin or vacation rental which has individual rooms. Having somewhere to escape to for some extra privacy is always a good thing.

Travelling Around

If you’re planning on a vacation which takes in a number of stops then it’s great to make sure that kids and teenagers are kept occupied if a lot of the time is spent on the road. Although most teenagers will have their own phones and devices to keep them occupied it could be worth installing a portable DVD player, or downloading a few films onto a tablet if you know you’re planning a long journey.

Alternatively, you could ask a teenager to take some of the responsibility of part of the journey., If they know how to read a map effectively they could help out with some of the navigation if your travelling around by car. Or they could help with the younger kids if they need some assistance while you’re going along. Although not many teens will actively volunteer for this kind of thing, it does give them something to occupy their time – and helps you too!

When you’ve arrived at your location it’s sometimes really helpful to stay there for more than a single night. Away from their circle of friends teens can often feel isolated, so spending more time in the same location can give them a chance to make friends with other teens who might be on vacation there. Whether it’s just someone they might meet the once, some meetings can turn into lifelong friendships as you get to know people who often come from different locations and backgrounds to your own.

Things To Do

Possibly the one easiest thing to suggest would be to include activities which cater for everyone in your group. Although your suggestion of spending the day at the local museum might be appealing to you, not everyone is going to enjoy it. Even things which may seem on paper to be ‘fun’ might not be in someone else’s eyes.

Naturally, not everything you’re going to do on vacation is going to be enjoyed by everyone, but having a few things which appeal to teenagers gives them something to enjoy too. If you’re able to then why not have your group split up so that people can go off and enjoy the things that interest them?

When it comes to eating out, it’s best to stick to the basics. Unless you have a very mature teenager with you they’re unlikely to appreciate a fine dining experience at a nearby restaurant. If you’re in a not too rural area you can always order takeway for the kids if they’re old enough to be left on their own while you head out by yourselves for dinner.

Alternatively, if you plan on eating in get them involved in a few of the chores for preparing a group meal. Whether it’s cooking on an outdoor campfire, or simply preparing a few vegetables, it gets everyone involved and saves you some of the hassle of cooking for a large group too.

If your teens are of an age where they can potentially head out by themselves, make sure you establish some clear ground rules. As you’re going to most likely be in a new area, which if you’re in a cabin can often be rural make sure they know what time they should be back. Many locations can certainly change when it comes to the night time and wandering around in the dark can be dangerous in a remote area if you’re not sure of the surrounding landscape.

It’s also well worth making sure they know what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency, and to add some extra security you could always insist that they head out with an experienced adult.

Remember, it’s a vacation both for you and your whole family, but with some organisation you make sure everyone who is coming along can have a great time!